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#MotulSuperfan at FIM Awards 2018: Riders swap their helmets for bow ties

06 December



Once the dust and smoke have cleared and the engines have cooled down, it’s time for this year’s champions to slip out of their leathers and into something less comfortable to receive their awards. And as they stepped onto the red carpet, they were greeted by Motul Superfan Carmen Marín.

Away from the competition and PR obligations, the riders spent the weekend in the beautiful hills of Andorra, although actually some of them live just around the corner. Before the big event, 500 lucky fans got the chance to meet every single champion on two wheels – from cross-country rally rider Toby Price, to ice speedway king and queen Dimitry Koltakov and Anna Carasco, and of course MotoGP champ Marc Marquez.

Also waiting to meet the champions was Motul Superfan Carmen Marín, who was the very first Motul Superfan reporter! She asked the riders some unexpected questions… Did you know that Marc Marquez would rather be an invisible Batman than a flying Superman, or that he’d rather be 10 minutes late than 10 minutes early because a racer always cuts it fine. If you want to know more, you should definitely check out our live coverage of the event on our Facebook page:

Credit Photos: ©Frederik Herregods

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