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Michael WoolawayMotorcycle Design Director for Deus Ex Machina at theEmporium of Postmodern Activities in Venice, CA.I have spent my life building and riding all sorts of race bikes and I just can't seam to
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28 December
Doing as much ridding as I can and all kinds of strength training to get ready for the high altitude! ...
03 November
We are rebuilding this classic Ducati Race bike to campaign in the AMA AHRMA series next year. For the most part, this bike will be left alone but we are updating the Cam profiles and will be using Pi...
02 November
Lets go  ...
02 November
I built a Bike to make the run-up Pike peak this next year, and it has been both fun and hard getting it sorted out. She is putting out almost 200hp at the rear wheel and is 340lbs wet full of fuel! I...