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You are completely exhausted in the body, your arms ache and your body says no. The motorcycle is full of sticky mud, yet you smile... How is that possible? My name is Simon Trygg and I love enduro!Enduro is one of the toughest sports in the world. There are no easy races - it's usually about getting through really hard sections with slippery roots, large rocks and lots of ditches and pits that are filled with water and mud. The biggest and worst competitions last for several hours and stretching for several days. To cope with this requires strength, fitness and an enormous amount of perseverance.Before the big races such as the Swedish championship, I start preparing already a week before the actual race day.I am passionate about the sport and it has enchanted me in a fantastic way. It is a way to combine training at an elite level with having fun at the same time.Enduro is the motorcycle sport that has the most practitioners in Sweden. Everything from happy amateurs to elite drivers. There are several large domestic enduro competitions in Sweden that draw both drivers and audiences from all over the world, e.g. Gotland Grand National.
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18 October
Had a good start from the beginning of the race and a very nice flow in my riding. I was in the top fighting for top positions. The track was typical Swedish enduro and it was a great race until I bro...
13 September
DNF - Did not finish. A rainy Uppsala where I for the first time this season was racing for first place And was first. Unfortunately I had problems and had to quit on the last lap. Incredibly sad when...
23 August
A very well arranged competition with wonderful special tests. I did not really get started as I wanted and at times had difficulty getting that great feeling in my riding. I finished in eleventh plac...
23 August
The track was incredibly broken from the race the day before and I had a hard time getting the right flow in the run. I got around and ended up with a perfectly ok eleventh place overall....
23 August
The competition started well with very fast tests and good lap times but a time loss was made which resulted in a penalty time of 10 minutes. I was in seventh place when it happend and finished in twe...
Had a good flow right from the start and everything felt good.  I continued to increase the speed and found a good flow in the race.  I had the 3rd best time on 6 of 8 SP so it was a steady ...
Premiere for this year's Swedish championship. Made a very unfortunate crash on lap one which resulted in the motorcycle being towed back to the depot. Had to break, lost too much time unfortunately s...
20 April
Due to covid, the first two races (Tibro and Östhammar) in Swedish Championship will be canceled.  The first competition for this year will be in Östersund 3-4 July.   I have started a ...
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