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Koltakov, Russian champ pending the World Championship 

14 September

The Russians are the big specialists of ice-covered oval circuits. The game consists in competing four by four at the wheel of powerful machines that are brakeless but fitted with tyres studded with four hundred 28 mm studs! The Russian championship, which finished on 8 January in Shadrinsk, is therefore of a very high level and comes before the world competitions that start straight after. By bagging the title with Motul's technical support, Dmitry Koltakov, keeps his hope of regaining the international glory lost by a narrow margin to Dmitry Shostakovich in March 2016.


The Russian season began in mid-December by half-finals organised simultaneously in Shadrinsk, Outface and Neftekamsk. Those who qualified spent the Christmas weekend in Togliatti before heading for Shadrinsk two weeks later. These two final events were fiercely contended, so much so that additional races had to be organised to find a new champion. Dmitry Koltakov and Igor Kononov did not cease to exchange first place, while the defending world champion, Dmitry Khomitsevich, was lying in ambush. They finally arrived in that order.


The FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championship, for which Motul is a main partner, has already started its qualifyings in Ylitornio, Finland, on 7 January. The maiden event has already allowed six riders to be selected, including former Russian world champion, Daniil Ivanov. Dmitry Koltakov and other major favourites will come on stage in Strömsund, Sweden, on 14 January.


Ice Speedway Championship of Russia final results:

01 Dmitry Koltakov, 43+3 pts

02 Igor Kononov, 43+2 pts

03 Dmitry Khomitsevich, 40 pts

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