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Things going smoothly for Koltakov

14 September

Motul appreciates as much as ever the most gruelling challenges and was not disappointed in Shadrinsk. The temperatures in the Torpedo Stadium fluctuated from -25 to -20°c on 11 and 12 February when the FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators Championship saw the second meet of its final phase. Presenting partner of the series, Motul also saw its rider, Dmitry Koltakov, clearly increase his lead at the top of the provisional standings.



A third gladiator joined in the impressive fight between Russians Dmitry Koltakov and Dmitry Khomitsevich for the supreme title. It's 2011 World vice-champion, Igor Kononov, who even managed to slip in between his two compatriots by winning on Saturday and Sunday in Shadrinsk.



During the first day of racing, Khomitsevich fell by his own mistake in race one before being involved in a collision with Koltakov. Fortunately, neither one nor the other was injured and the duel could continue in the half-final and final, where each time Koltakov bagged the advantage... for second place, not far off the invincible Kononov. And the same happened again on Sunday, in the standings of the Final and on counting the day's points. Also, as on Saturday, Nicolaï Krasnikov, eight-times World champion racing with a wild card, was alone capable of beating Kononov but in just one race.



FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators leading scorers after Final 2:

01 Dmitry Koltakov, 72 pts

02 Igor Kononov, 67 pts

03 Dmitry Khomitsevich, 66 pts

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