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26 September

Can you imagine two absolutely different sport disciplines in one race? My friends from Italy brought their imagination into reality driven by their passion to adventures and travelling and created Elements Race which took part in Sardinia from the 21st till 24th of September. The main idea is to create a competitive team of 4 members who will be able to be the fastest in yachting and the most precise in navigation on a buggy on earth. This year it was second edition of this event and I had wonderful opportunity to take part in it with my three team mates who are professional sailors. For me it was the first time ever to sail on a yacht but in two races we managed to finish second just behind extremely professional crew from Switzerland. On a buggy the main task was to drive as precisely as we could according to the road book. Speed didn't matter so we only had to finish in terms of quite comfortable time limit. First day due to some problems with navigation equipment we did small mistake but on a day two everything was fixed and our team won the stage. As a result after 4 days of racing (two days on a yacht and two days on a buggy) our team became second overall. It was absolutely new and breathtaking experience so I hope to return back here next year with the team and fight for the win!!! ;)


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