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Mathieu MARCHAND “Original by Motul Story”

08 January

How did you join Dakar organisation staff?

I was living in Buenos Aires in 2008 when I learnt that Dakar was coming to south America. I instantly decided to send my CV to ASO however they informed me that the staff was already completed. Two weeks before the start, they phoned me back saying that because of a staff cancellation I could join the 2009 Dakar staff team.

After so many years as Dakar and motorcycle fan (I ride a 660XTR and KTM 350) my dream came true. 2018 is now my 10th Dakar!



Why do you like the Original by Motul so much?

I joined the Original by Motul staff team as an assistant in 2009 and now after 5 years I am category manager! Now the staff team is made of 4 people : Simon, Santiago, Ammar and I.

Original by Motul is the place I like to work within Dakar organization because these guys are pure warriors! They are riders in the day, mechanics in the evening and their own press officers at night.

They are pure amateurs achieving their dream and racing without any assistance. They have to do everything by themselves.

I feel very useful helping them. I’m like their father!

They kept exactly the same DNA from Dakar origins.

Most of them become good friends after the Dakar.


What is your predictions for the Original by Motul category ranking?


2.PAIN Olivier – KTM – 16

3.LIEFHEBBER Hans-Jos – KTM - 51


@ ShakedownJurgen van den Goorbergh, @ Shakedown


What is your best Original by Motul story?

In 2014 a French fireman, Yannick Guyomarc’h participed at the Dakar as Original by Motul. On one of the days, it was so hot during the race (more than 50°) that the fuel started to boil inside the tank. Yannick started to feel unwell at the end of the stage so he decided to lie down almost naked in the shadow of a tree.

A few local people saw him and decided to invite him into their homes for food and drink. After that he restarted and joined the bivouac!


@ Yannick Guyomarc'h

Yannick Guyomarc'h


Do you have any ingenious stories related to Original by Motul?

A few year ago the bivouac in Chile was inside Valparaiso bicycle arena. It was great but we got there and discovered that the door was too small for the Original by Motul truck. The only solution was… to take the door off! After that the truck managed to enter and to provide full support to the riders.



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