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11 April

From 5 to 7 April 2019 "Motospring" was organized in Moscow. Motospring is Russia's largest exhibition in the Powersport segment. Right on the territory of the exhibition complex, the team of Motul Russia created a show race - the first competition in the style of the typical flat track races, which are quite popular in Russia. We had a talk with Igor Kalinin, Sponsorship Manager of Motul Russia and organizer of the show.

Igor, can you explain what makes Flat Track racing this popular in Russia and how this show race was organized?

Flat track is one of the most democratic motorcycle disciplines, where participants pass an oval track taking the corners by sliding their motorcycles sideways. In our temporary area 63 athletes in eight classes fought for a victory in this new format — the separate classes allowed chances for victory to every participant. Curious side-note: the youngest participant in the Junior class was only 7 years old, and the most experienced rider was 54 years old, both drifting with the same grin of pleasure on their face through the corners of the track. Racers performed on a variety of techniques: from scooters to the professionally trained motorcycles class "Super Moto".

How did you prepare this temporary racetrack?

We allocated a paved area of asphalt from 50 by 30 meters. Inside this area, we prepared the oval circuit. In terms of security of both spectators and riders, a fence of used water-filled blocks and some haystacks was formed, thus ensuring safety and creating a stylish atmosphere. On the asphalt we've put an equal layer sprinkled granite crumb. After hours and hours of track practice, the granite chips created a uniform slippery surface on the pavement. By the end of the first day of the competition, many participants showed a stable sliding.

Did Motul support every participant?

Off course, each pilot was given a start pack – Motul and partner stickers, the start number of the participant, a race shirt, a t-shirt and a carpet for the location of the motorcycle in the technical Park that was provided in cooperation with Pirelli Russia. Also on both days of the competition there was an MC Care area, where any rider could find all Motul products for the care of his motorcycle.

And how is the championship ranking?

Racers compete with 4 people during the race. One race takes 4 laps. The winners who take the first and the second place move forward into to the next round until the strongest pilot in its class is determined. After determining the best in their classes, these riders fought in the Open All-In class to decide who the strongest rider was.

Who took the King's crown in this cool track event?

The absolute winner of the first Flat Track event was Eduard Lavrentiev with number 99, the factory rider of the Jazz Moto Club team. JMC is a Russian brand of pit bikes with a production factory located in China. Each JMC motorcycle has a Motul logo in the factory colors and recommendations for the use of the respective products in the service book. "The track with granite crumb, of course, was a novelty, had to get used to the smooth control in sliding. Races were quite short, only four laps, but it did not prevent the final race at the last corner to snatch the victory from Sergei Ivanyutin" — according to Edward.



Relive the event here: 

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