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15 December

The Motul Roof of Africa, mother of extreme enduro racing, truly lives up to its name. After another thrilling edition, it was Wade Young who once again defended his place as king of the Roof. Young called this edition the ‘perfect Roof of Africa’, but what does a perfect Motul Roof of Africa look like?

The Motul Roof of Africa is an epic ride, combining time trials, rally and intense enduro racing and taking competitors from the valleys all the way through the Maloti mountain range and straight to the top. For the fifth time – and third time in a row – South African Wade Young secured a spot in the top of the Roof. He considered this edition to be the perfect Roof. ‘The route wasn’t too hard, but also it wasn’t easy. It was a perfect mix of challenges; the cooler conditions made it perfect for riding, and the splash of rain we had during the night took care of the dust.’




The Motul Roof of Africa hosts a full range of participants, from amateur to factory racers – bronze to gold – who scatter across the mountains with contenders in each category following their own route, based on their experience. This makes it the perfect event for all fans of enduro racers. On top of that, The Motul Roof of Africa is truly as beautiful as it is challenging, so check out our gallery, as well as the highlight video, below:

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