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02 April

She won the Queen of the Motos in February and was looking forward to building on the momentum of her win. But now she finds herself with an unplanned schedule of down time. Sherco team rider Louise Forsley talks about how COVID-19 is impacting her racing season and how she’s keeping in race shape at home.

How has coronavirus affected your racing season, Louise?  
Well, as of now, the races and competitions I was going to do in March and April have either been postponed or cancelled. There hasn’t been any news of the May competitions and races being cancelled. I’m hoping for the best but also being realistic about the next couple of months. In my mind I don’t see any events happening until June.

What are you doing to stay motivated and in shape? 
Staying motivated has been fairly easy because I know once all this has passed, I still need to be in race shape. If anything, this is giving me more time to train, prepare and also rest. That’s one thing that has been nice through all this is I’ve had more time to chill and catch up on sleep. I have a home gym in my garage so I’ve been able to get good workouts in but I aready miss going to the Crossfit gym because they have all the equipment and it keeps the workouts fresh and new. I also have more time to film some fun videos with my friends, since we’re all just hanging around now. It’s a weird time with so much unknown and so many financial stresses, but I’m still trying to have fun and make the most of this downtime.

Are you able to still get out and practice on your bike?
Yes, I feel very fortunate that I can load up my bike, drive to a riding area and get a good riding session in without any human contact or interaction. If for some reason I won’t be able to do that I would just continue to work out and bicycle or unicycle in my garage and street.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when the pandemic ends?
It’s pretty crazy but right before everything started shutting down here in the US I got a motorcycle stunt gig on an Alicia Keys music video. It felt like it was my big break into the film stunt industry and then literally the day after we filmed almost all productions shut down. I felt like I got my foot in the door and then it slammed shut (laughs) so I will go back to hustling stunts in the hope of getting another gig and paycheck!

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