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How to prepare for the GS Trophy

19 July

Hey Guys - I wanted to talk a little bit about the GS Trophy.

There are currently qualifiers being held in the various countries over that world that are taking part, which include: 

Brazil, Mexico, USA, Netherlands, South Africa, Latin America, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, India, South East Asia, China, Japan and 6 women's teams made up of the top female riders from the qualifiers. 

The top 3 winners from this years qualifiers will win a place to participate in the International GS Trophy 2022 in Albania.


So how can you get prepared?

Each country will have a different way to carry out the qualifier, but it all boils down to the same requirements from the rider….

1. Slow Riding Skills

This is numero UNO when it comes to the GS Trophy - the events hashtag is #itsnotarace so it gives you an indication of what the event is about - of course there are timed sections but its all about riding with control and finesse. Slow riding skills require working on your clutch control, braking skills ,body position, balance and line of vision. There are often tests similar to trials (not quite as technical of course with a 250kg bike) but they will be a parcours and your points will be based on riding the course quickly, but without putting your feet down, dropping the bike, etc. So find a field or a car part and lay out a course using planks of wood and plastic bottles as cones and get practicing. 


2. Get comfortable riding various terrain

The GS Trophy is about testing the rider's ability so another way to test your riding skill is riding in various terrain, make sure you are comfortable with riding your GS in mud, ruts, sand and gravel.


3. Learn how to pick up your bike

Dropping your bike off road is inevitable - knowing the correct technique to pick it up will not only earn you seconds on the stopwatch but it will also help you save precious energy and avoid causing injuries.


3. Endurance

Depending on what country you are taking part in the qualifier can be a really intense 2 days riding. There will be many various tests and some will be really physical - make sure your training includes repetitive loops with no breaks…start small and build up your time  to build your endurance. Bike time is key.


4. Teamwork

Normally there will be a test involving teamwork - because if you aren't a team-player its going to be a bit complicated to have a good time and be successful in the International event with 2 others relying on you! This is something you can't really practice, but its always good to review your strong points and weak points so you know how best to contribute your skills to the group. 


5. Have fun and don't take it too seriously

This one is the most important- enjoy the event. It's as much about mental ability as it is about riding. If you have fun and relax you will ride relaxed - take it all too seriously and you will be tense, which is never good to be on a bike. 


6. PRACTICE makes perfect.

It's no mystery guys - the more time you put into practicing the better prepared you will be. So what are you waiting for….go for a ride!


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