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09 September

The FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) is the world’s oldest off-road motorcycling event. This year, the 95th running of the event was held in Lombardy, Italy, where an Italian team triumphed. With the dust settling on the ISDE, we catch up with FIM president Jorge Viegas about the importance of the enduring Enduro scene.

How important is the ISDE in the Enduro scene? What does it mean for the competitors, spectators and manufacturers?
The ISDE is not only the oldest competition organized by the FIM, but it is also the biggest in what concerns the number of participants. In the context of the Enduro scene, it is the highest point in the season, when we have competitors from all over the world, from the six continents, racing together!

ISDE is a truly epic off-road event. What does it represent to the FIM and what are the expectations from the FIM perspective about this event?
In more recent years, the FIM has invested a lot in the Six Days, for the reasons mentioned before, but also because we believe there is a huge potential of visibility not only for us but especially for the manufacturers and sponsors of this event.

How important is Enduro and how influential has it been on other forms of motorcycling?  
The Enduro is the "mother" of all disciplines: it "gave birth" to Motocross in the 60s, to Trial in the 80s and to the Rallyes about 20 years ago! It is the only discipline where the competitors are not only allowed, but obliged, to do their own mechanics. In addition to that, there is a perfect combination between the machines and the nature, including the use of tyres specially designed to reduce the impact on the ground, environmental mats, proper waste management, sound level control among others.

Where do you see Enduro (either competition or individual practice) in the next five years?
Enduro can only grow and reach the position where it belongs. As I said, the FIM is making a big investment effort and the fruits are already starting to appear...

What does the partnership with Motul mean for the FIM?
Motul has always been a faithful and important partner for the FIM for many, many years. We have developed not only a common business but mainly a truth cooperation and friendship in motorcycling racing, leading both organisations to the podium of several disciplines.

How do you consider the partnership with Motul becoming stronger within the FIM?
The aim of the FIM is really to strengthen still more the partnership with Motul in the future. There are many opportunities where we can grow together.

Have you always had a passion for Enduro and does this help make the ISDE the event it is today?
I have always been passionate about Enduro, and I have inclusively been responsible for the Enduro Commission at the beginning of this century... and therefore my real passion will never allow this spectacular sport to be in bad shape!

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