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08 September

As one of the main partners of the FIM’s International Six Days of Enduro, Motul’s passion for the sport of enduro continues to grow. For Motul, the event was not only a perfect opportunity to showcase its amazing off-road products that are tested to the extreme to find the perfect blend between reliability and performance, but a chance to show how it is committed to sustainable motorcycling. To tell us more about Motul’s participation in this year’s ISDE is Fabrizio D´Ottavi, Motul Group Powersports communication manager, and Pascal Tomek, Motul Europe Powersports manager. 

What does an event like the ISDE mean to Motul? 
Fabrizio: “The ISDE is a very exciting opportunity, and it was great to see such a truly international and historic event return to France, the home of not just Motul but also enduro racing. Our continued involvement in the ISDE is the perfect opportunity to validate and promote the quality and performance of our extensive range of off-road products. An event such as the ISDE is the ultimate test for our lubricants to show how they offer competitors the perfect balance between reliability and performance, tested in some of the most extreme conditions in motorcycling. To be able to do so in front of the entire enduro community is a huge honour.” 

Why does Motul support the ISDE? 
Pascal: “We're involved at the six days because we want to promote the sport. We want to promote the freedom to be able to take part in the sport of enduro and motorcycling more generally. We have more than 100,000 licensed riders in France and at least 70% of them ride off-road. So for us, motorcycling and off-roading is hugely important in France and that’s why we were so happy to have the 2022 edition here. Our first job is to sell oil and other products. And the more we sell, the more we invest in competition. We're very fortunate, thanks to our major investments, to be the number one brand in motorcycling. But these days, that isn't enough. We know that the world has changed. We know that links to society have become important.” 

How does Motul’s passion for motorcycling go beyond the world of enduro? 
Pascal: “We're somewhat unique compared to other companies in that we have a genuine human quality that we measure ourselves to. So, our foundation works towards its slogan, ‘Tools for Life’. We help a multitude of people, especially young people and those from different countries who are really destitute, with tools for life that help them in the mechanical trade and set them on a path that brings them closer to us.” 

Off-road sometimes comes in for criticism due to its impact on the environment, but the ISDE works hard to minimise the impact. What’s Motul’s views on sustainability and off-road? 
Pascal: “With all of the problems that we hear about related to climate change, the noose is tightening around us when we go into a natural environment like off-road, the forest or nature. Motul has been invested in this area for a long time and we are obliged to show that the world of motorcycling and enduro is civilised. So a brand like ours wants to be involved in something this well organised, to show to young people that it can work. You should know that in 2023 our containers will be made from plastic recovered and recycled from the oceans, and in terms of lubricants, we've made a saving of 18% to 20% in the use of fossil fuels throughout the process of producing these products. If everyone is doing this kind of thing, we'll be able to carry on with enduro and the combustion engine trial and motocross for at least another decade or two, so it's going to take time, but we all need to participate in this change.” 

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