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Mythical tyres

23 January

There is one thing that is equally likely to be seen on motorcycles as the most diverse representatives of moto custom culture. These are Firestone Deluxe Champion tires, or to be more precise — fat tire with Z-shaped line protectors. How did it happen that the utilitarian component became an essential part of stylish look of a bike?



Founded in 1900, the Firestone company started its work with 12 people, but in 1906 the company was chosen by the Ford to supply their factories with tires for the famous Ford T. This lead to massive growth of the company and in 1926, the company already had it's own rubber plantations in Liberia.



In 1927 company bought new manufacturing facilities in California with its own power station and magnificent polychrome frescoes from Gladding McBean, featuring the process of manufacturing tires and rubber.



Firestone was considered as one of the best tire manufacturers. For promotion channels they chose the race: the first in the history race Indy 500 (1911) won the car with Firestone tires. Driver: Ray Harroun, Marmon chassis.



Winning races on Firestone tiers became a tradition. In 1939 the company produces the model "Deluxe Champion", which was in use from 1939 to 1963.




In parallel, the company produced caterpillar trailers and tires for other purposes.

You may ask "what about the motorcycles?"










Growing popularity of retro motorcycles made customizers (who created the bobber, cafe-racer or dart-bike) look for the best tires at that time, these were Firestones.



Firestone ANS Military



Firestone NDT



And, of course, Champion Deluxe.


In 1958 Mr. Corky Coker founded the company "Coker Tires". The company specializes in the production of vintage tires from different manufacturers and wheel rims. The company bought out old equipment and rights to manufacture old tires, but with modern materials. Therefore, if you want to buy vintage tires perhaps at the moment Coker Tires is the best choice.



If you still not sure about cultural heritage of this products, then see the following photos.





Feel the atmosphere of racing in 1930's.






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