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First race of the year! Race 1 of 8 - Östra Open Östhammar

10 February

Competition 1 of 8.
It was in Östhammar that the 31st edition of the Östra Open premiered. Östra Open is a winter cup on a
snowy surface and consists of 8 competitions in total and you get points after placement in each race.

The thermometer showed -14 degrees Celsius and there was 20 cm of new snow on the ground. Perfect conditions for the first race of the year.

311 drivers came to the start.

After 3 weeks of illness in covid-19, I felt a little rusty and did not really have the condition I would to be able to drive 2h at race pace. Despite this, I managed to finish in 19th place. I am very happy with my results and now my focus will be on recovering fully after covid19 and get back in shape.

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