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Race 2 of 8 - Östra Open Sala

10 February

Competition 2 of 8.In Sala, Sweden we had perfect conditions for a great race. Thermometer showed -10 degrees celcius and it was sunny!

It was frozen in the ground and there was enough snow to get a great snow track.I had problems on the first lap with frozen fingers but managed to thaw my hands in the bus in the depot stop before I went out on lap 2. I found a good flow at a pace that I managed to keep to the goal.

I also finished in 19th place in this competition. Everything is starting to come back more and more now after I had covid-19 and I try to focus a lot on low heart rate training in addition to motorcycle training.

Tonight is the premiere for another fun winter cup, MC SPORT BY NIGHT, where all competitions are run in the dark.

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