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No.1 first on1 May!

14 September

Team Nollet gave Motul a new win at the Rouen 24H Powerboat Race. On 30 April and 1 May, boat #1 was driven on river Seine by a foursome of multiple winners. Peter Morin, Nelson Morin and Rodolphe Avenel were associated with ever faithful Philippe Chiappe, treble F1H2O world champion. Motul once again partnered the Normandy event which traditionally opens the UIM Endurance World Championship.

On Sunday morning, the race experienced a delayed start as the police tried to find a person who was reported to have fallen in the river the night before. The 28 boats finally started off at 10:40 for 23 hours and 20 minutes of competition, the organisers having

preferred to stick to the scheduled programme. Team Nollet led from start to finish but the fight in the lead remained quite open until the tenth hour. Then, the future winners clearly increased their lead while their main rivals experienced various problems. So, the former could make a few repairs (mounting base, propeller, steering…) without their leadership really being challenged. They had a 29 laps lead in the final standings.

This 54th staging did not smile on Motul's technical partners in class S2. In contrast, Team Nollet also won in S3 with Ducardonnet, Dessertenne, Beaucourt and Tom Chiappe, son of Philippe. The suspense was entire during the last hours in this class, and boat #66 won just one lap in the lead!

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