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Who won? Human or robot?

07 November

MOTOBOT is an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that approaches riding operations from a human rider’s standpoint — with no modifications made to the motorcycle itself. The development theme is “Beyond Human Capabilities.” In general, robots are developed to specialize in a specific task and this typically allows them to surpass the capability of humans for that task. Utilizing this advantage, the end goal of MOTOBOT is to become capable of competing against Valentino Rossi’s lap times around a racetrack. 


Just some words from MOTOBOT


Why it is project unique?

Unlike the current methods used for automobile self-driving systems, which have progressed in recent years, the aim is for a humanoid robot to operate a vehicle unmodified for autonomous use. Based on data for vehicle speed, engine rpm, machine attitude, etc.


from projet manager


How does it work?

MOTOBOT will control its six actuators* to autonomously operate the vehicle. Going forward, technology for machine position recognition (high-precision GPS, various sensors, etc.) and machine learning will be utilized to enable MOTOBOT to make its own decisions regarding the best lines to take around a racetrack and the limits of the motorcycle’s performance, so that it can improve its lap times with successive laps of the track.


how the hardware used in Ver. 1 was improved and updated for Ver. 2, and MOTOBOT’s actuators for operating the bike’s steering, throttle, brakes, etc.


What is the main goal?

From this project, we will be able to visualize data about human motorcycle operation, deduce the relationship between rider input and machine behavior, and then use the resulting know-how in developing vehicles for creating even greater Kando. Also, by altering MOTOBOT’s control programming and the shapes of its operating mechanisms as necessary, we anticipate it will also be adaptable to ride other vehicles like personal watercraft and snowmobiles.


the software-in-the-loop simulations (SILS) and hardware-in-the-loop simulations (HILS) that were conducted as well as the development process that led to enabling MOTOBOT to circulate a racetrack.


MOTOBOT 2 is an updated version of our autonomous motorcycle-riding robot and is capable of circulating a racetrack on its own. After the debut of MOTOBOT 1 in 2015, its hardware and software for autonomous riding were repeatedly reviewed and revised, leading to the creation of Version 2. Then in September 2017, one of the project’s milestones was reached as MOTOBOT successfully hit speeds exceeding 200 km/h.


Result of test in the video




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