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05 January

Upon encountering the Honda CL500, MOTOISM immediately recognized its untapped potential. Collaborating closely with Honda Germany, they endeavored to unlock this potential through a Plug&Play kit, resulting in ‘The Nightcrawler’. Their objective was to infuse the motorcycle with a spirited essence and unlock the attitude it was suppressing from the start. This transformative shift in demeanor is executed through five meticulously crafted elements, enabling a swift metamorphosis of the CL500 in just a few hours.

In the case of this specific CL500, MOTOISM went above and beyond. In conjunction with the development and installation of their Plug&Play CL500 kit, they enlisted the expertise of Andy Werner for a bespoke graphic design. Modifications included the integration of an Arrow exhaust, a switch in handlebars, mirrors, and tires, along with the cerakoting of various components such as levers.

The result is a bike that undeniably radiates a customized aesthetic, yet requires less effort to replicate compared to a traditional custom build. This bolt-on approach to both their bikes and parts is a hallmark of MOTOISM, a philosophy they have embraced in the past and one they are committed to maintaining in the future.

Crafted and developed by MOTOISM in Munich, for Honda Europe Ltd., ‘The Nightcrawler’ epitomizes their commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and a distinct design philosophy.

The CL500 ‘The Nightcrawler’ is currently touring with Honda within Germany. The Plug&Play kit is available at the MOTOISM online shop.

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