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Epic adventures in the altai mountains on a Ural BIKE

12 December

We’re always looking around the world for unique stories from our teams or partners, but sometimes someone sends us a surprise that goes beyond our wildest expectations. This time the story came from Russia where Dimitry Zakharov travelled the Altai Mountains with his family and a pair of Urals.

No matter where you want to go, an Ural can take you there - that was Dimitry Zakharov’s idea. And he should know, because he’s a Moscow based reseller for Ural bikes. But when it comes to enjoying some time away with his family, a Ural with a sidecar can rise to the occasion. So while travelling in the Altai Mountains in Central Asia, Zakharov rented two Urals and set off.

The Altai Mountains are one of the most remote mountain ranges in the world and an incredible piece of untouched wilderness and nature. The mountain range straddles Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and parts of it are a UNESCO World Heritage site – and with good reason!

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