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Motul & Suzuki | EICMA 2019

29 October

Having started its activity in 1909 as a weaving plant, the company was registered in 1920. Since the foundation of the Japanese company Hamamatsu, SUZUKI has been steadily growing and expanding, successfully overcoming the 100-year milestone in 2020. 

Suzuki took part in the 1962 Grand Prix for the first time, winning the world championship in the 50cc class and five more titles in this category, as well as three podiums in the 125cc class and a total of six victories in the world championship of 500cc. To date, the Suzuki team has more than 90 victories.

In 2017, Motul and Suzuki celebrated a big date - 30 years of partnership. Over the past three decades, Suzuki engineers and technical experts from Motul have reached a deep understanding and a symbiotic working relationship. Exceptional oils have been developed especially for Suzuki engines, including exclusive experimental lubrication for prototypes of Suzuki MotoGP, which meets the extreme conditions and mechanical tolerances for MotoGP machines. These 30 years of collaboration have helped to develop Motul's Factory Line, a racing oriented product line that is also used by the Suzuki MotoGP team. 

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Suzuki RR GSX