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15 July

Last January, Motul and the Spanish Monlau Motorsport school started an official partnership, resulting in a new name for the project: the Monlau Motul technical school. The alliance is reinforcing the shared passion both companies have for the world of motorsport competition. Since the start of the 2022 racing season, the students from the Monlau Motul Technical School have been successfully practicing what they have learnt. They have been supporting several fields of competition classes, ranging from karting, FIM JuniorGP and Formula 4 to endurance car competition, and the cherry on the cake, their own four-hour motorcycle endurance race.

A final demonstration of the graduates’ technical skills 
The Monlau Motul Endurance Race is the largest end-of-study project in a competition mechanics school. As a final degree project, the students of the last year of Motorcycling Competition Mechanics measure all their knowledge in a four-hour endurance race in Calafat. The work in the pit boxes was one of the aspects that decided the final result of the race. A total of 18 riders divided into teams of two, who took turns to ride the nine Honda CBR600RRs, all neatly presented in a professional Motul livery and powered with Motul’s lubricants.

Jaime Serrano, General Director of Monlau Motul Technical School, said: 
“I think there is no school in the world that organises its own competition. It is a unique event that the students greatly appreciate. Because it is a final exam for them in which they put their maximum enthusiasm and passion, as well as everything they have learned during their three years of training.”

The protagonists of a true endurance race
In the end, the students of the last year of Motorcycling Competition Mechanics, from the Barcelona school, were the protagonists of a true endurance race. The competition meant testing all their acquired knowledge during their training. In fact, for them, this test began months ago, when in the classroom/workshop they began to fine-tune each of the nine Honda CBR600RRs that would later jump onto the asphalt of the Catalan track. During the race, beyond the overtaking that the pilots carried out on the track, the students took care of the technical assistance, setup, logistics, refueling operations and even strategy.

The Monlau Motul Method prize
Other prizes, obtained during the competition and the academic year, were distributed during the event. As the fastest, in the execution of a mandatory pit stop, completing one of its six steps through the pits, in just 3 minutes and 39 seconds, was for the Ionela racing team. Another excellence that was delivered was the Monlau Motul Method. It recognises all the work of the team in the preparation of the race, in the classroom/workshops, as well as in the assembly and all the technical aspects of the project that they carried out before and during the Monlau. This accolade went to the Gost Racing Team.

Sandra Iniesta, Marketing Manager of Motul Ibérica, added: 
“At Motul we are very proud to be able to accompany future engineers and mechanics in this project that has put the finishing touch on their scholarship. The fourth edition of the Monlau Motul Endurance Race was a unique experience for all the students, where they put everything they learned into practice. During the two days we felt the professionalism of the school, the involvement of the pilots in helping to promote a project based on the training of the students and their evaluation at the same time. But also, where the importance of getting on the podium does not belong to the pilot, but to the whole team. This is possible thanks to the values ​​that Monlau imparts which are also shared with Motul, such as passion, excellence, perseverance, and teamwork. It was very exciting to see how the young promising talents worked to develop their full potential.

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