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03 January
   On December 31st during Trans Agulhas Challenge happened the Motul King if the Waves in South Africa. What a way to finish 2018. Have a look at the highlight pics  &nb...
09 October 2018
The latest Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event was a great success, with some 120 000 riders turning out (and impeccably turned out) in 650 cities worldwide. The Johannesburg event was particularly w...
19 September 2018
Las week-end in Johannesburg, South Africa took place the 3rd edition of Stofskop. An unconventional race on a flat track, with lots of fun and smiles. IN DUST WE TRUST  Credit pics : Z...
10 September 2018
This saturday the iconic Stofskop kicks off, and David Goosen is going all out!    ...
14 August 2018
What a race again this week-end at round 5 of National Enduro in South Africa.  Have a look at some of the beautiful shots :    ...
11 June 2018
At Motul South Africa we had a beautiful day with our local ambassadors. To know more about them have a look at the video :  @davidgoosen @NandaClowes @TristanHedgcock @BrianCapper  ...
13 April 2018
Round 2 in Thunder Valley of the MX National in South Africa. What a wonderful place to capture epic picture !    ...